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Paris, France

Paris is an extraordinary city. It is a city that is full of culture, history, beauty, and more. While many people travel to Paris to visit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame, it is the streets that truly capture the magic of Paris. The daily grind of everyday life is seen here: young women riding bikes to school, artists set up shop in cafes, and everyone lines up for fresh baguettes from the local boulangerie. You will find everything you expected and more. Paris has a strong cultural identity but it also hosts people from all around the globe who bring their culture and traditions to the city. It is not enough to visit Paris' most famous sights. To truly feel the magic of Paris, you need to go to the streets.

You'll be walking along the streets of Paris looking for the perfect crepe spot, or meandering through Belleville. This Chinese neighborhood is home to many young Parisians with elaborate murals. Across the Seine, you might find yourself enjoying an all-too-early Verre du Vin at a cafe in Saint-Germain-des-Pres or exploring the winding streets of the Latin Quarter. You won't need much to feel completely immersed in this unique city.

Top Things to Do

  •  Watch the Eiffel Tower twinkle at night
  •  Stroll through a Parisian food market
  •  Walk through Montmartre
  •  Take a trip to the Chateau de Versailles
  •  Explore parks And gardens of Paris
  •  Eat at La Maison Rose

Best Time to Go

You can't beat a Paris trip in the spring and summer. Parisians love to visit the parks and everything seems perfect. A trip to Paris in August, when most Parisians vacation, is a great way to escape the crowds. However, be aware that there may be closures at restaurants and shops. Even in winter, even though the sky is grey and temperatures are low, Paris shines. All you have to do is add a layer or two.

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